Address: 5 Panasa Myrnoho Street, Khmelnytskyi 29017

Phone: (0382) 63-05-43

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State Education Establishment, "Khmelnytskyi Vocational Training Centre, Services Sector"is subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. This is a third (higher) attestation level institution. It trains qualified workers with a high level of qualification in technologically complex, science-intensive professions.

Profiles of preparationskilled workersaccording to the industry direction:

  • restaurant industry (business)
  • bakery and pasta manufacturing
  • sewing production
  • services sector
  • general professions of electrical engineering production.


The Center operates based on the Statute and collective agreement. The Statute ( was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated August 21, 2018, No. 929. The collective agreement was registered in the labor department of social protection of the population of Khmelnytskyi City Council (year no. 45/20 dated March 16, 2020).

         The Center operates based on an indefinite license


(order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 974-l dated October 30, 2019). According to the license, the right is granted to carry out educational activities for the implementation of professional education at the level of qualification requirements for training, retraining, and improving the qualifications of vocational education seekers from 32 professions


Full general secondary education is provided to students in accordance with the Ordinance of the Regional State Administration No. 497/2019 of July 9, 2019.


At the same time as obtaining working professions, 88% of students obtain a full general secondary education.90% of the contingent receive qualifications in technologically related professions.

To ensure the educational process, a suitable material and technical base has been created: comfortable classrooms, educational and production workshops. The infrastructure of our Centre is developed for the services of students: an assembly hall, a sports hall, a stadium, a library with a reading room, a canteen, a coffee shop, a medical center, a student dormitory, and access to the Internet is provided.The main areas of work are increasing the effectiveness of educational classes, combining traditional and innovative methods of the educational process with the use of digital technologies, and developing electronic educational content. The teaching staff successfully solves today's tasks and confidently looks to the future.

The center has experience of many years of cooperation with social partners (educational institutions, state institutions, public organizations, enterprises, etc.), which are direct participants in the educational process. Social partners actively cooperate with the Center at all stages of activity. This makes it possible to adapt to changes in the economy, technology, and the labor market.Socio-psychological support of education seekers is provided in our Centre. We areconsidering age and psychological characteristics. Financial support and assistance are provided to the privileged categories.The psychological service and the understanding service are engaged in the formation of a safe educational environment through the implementation of a restorative approach.Students could acquire certain knowledge for the harmonious development of physical and mental health. Seminars, lectures, master classes, trainings, art therapy classes are held with the participants of the educational process.